My name is Álvaro Maurín Santamarta, i'm a graphic designer and music producer from Asturias, Spain. I love to give people's ideas and projects a visual, and to see a smile on their face when the job is done."

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Recent Work

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About me

"I'm 29, i've been working as a freelancer for 6 years, and all my life i've been in love with music, design, food and my mother"

Basically i use my skills in fields that complement each other, and that have in common its usefulness in the field of advertising, although if i have to keep something, what i'm most passionate about is composing music and making illustrations, when i'm doing either of these two things, time stands still (only in my mind, of course, i usually take into account the hours when charging: P).



Web design

Website design and development: A light and fresh landing page, an editable theme for your database store, digital commerce and photos of your products or a nice contact form.
· Wordpress, HTML y CSS3, basic Js and very little Php ·

Graphic design & photo

A new Branding, a striking and elegant poster, a cover for your next album, your business cards company, a set of icons, a banner for ... anything.
· Branding, posters, covers, animation, advertising ·

Video recording and editing

Music videos, promo, events, reports.
· Editing, grading and postproduction ·

Music production and beatmaking

My midi controllers and i can take care of the entire production process of a musical piece, from start to finish.
· Compostion, production, mastering ·

Digital ilustration & 3D

I do not lack enthusiasm when addressing such a project, for which i usually use Illustrator, Photoshop and blender
· Digital ilustration, vector design, 3D design ·


Which designer worth his salt also does not like, at least a little, to mess around with a keyboard, a DAW, or an SP-Roland ...?
Never trust a designer who doesn't like music.
I do it under the pseudonym of "Stxners Music":


I also offer my music production services, for any purpose.

home-studio home-studio home-studio home-studio

In addition to working in my home-studio, we have a recording room in Oviedo together with the "Soul Drama" collective.
So if you are a singer, musician, rapper or whatever and you have any idea or musical project that you would like to share with me do not hesitate and tell me so we can discuss it: